Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Review of Charlottesville Gathering

Oh, we had fun, yes we did! Folks did what they choose on Sunday (Mitchie's Tavern, Downtown Charlottesville, setting up at the campground, etc.) afternoon, and those of us from out of town met up at the campground mid afternoon. After everyone was set up, we enjoyed a pot luck dinner, cooking over the fire, playing, henna application (Thanks!), and making new friends. The next day, everyone helped each other get ready to go and facilitate play so we could head over the the Frontier Culture Museum. We started off in an Igbo village where learned about their culture, the kids prepared mud balls with their bare feet and hands, and threw them onto the wall of the second wife's house that we helped build. After getting shod again, we headed over the the English settlement where there was a fair amount of musket firing and information sharing. Pairs of kids got to work together to saw pieces off large logs, just as if they were thinking of getting married (do you work well together?). After that, we freely wandered the rest of the cultures, enjoyed a picnic in the shade, and headed home. Thanks to everyone for coming and we will see many of you next month at ARGH at Roan Mountain, TN!

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  1. I'm uploading 70 pictures I took right now! This should be the link: http://picasaweb.google.com/pegazzani/FrontierCultureMuseumTrip?authkey=Gv1sRgCKCT79TvlpvgjgE&feat=directlink